Today’s five to nine work week

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  • Airbnb your extra room, I heard about a guy that lost his job in SF and needed to pay his bills lucky enough he had some family around so he was able to stay with them on the weekend and AirBnB his apt’ which cover his rent and more.
  • Uber/Lyft, if you already own a car and really need to make some extra cash do it, I’m not a big believer and I do think you can find some more creative ways to make money.
  • Find your talent, we all have hobbies and interests that some people will pay for it. If you play the piano try giving lessons or even try to vblog (video blogging) about it. create at least 10 videos on how to play the piano and upload them to youtube.
  • Youtube, Once you find your talent make sure to watch some other peoples video see what you liked about them and what you didn’t. this will give you some material and ideas to work with (don’t copy their video it’s not nice) and start making your own videos. And yeah some people are making a good living out of it.
  • Buy Bitcoin/Ethereum/LiteCoin here
  • Get some free stock here and start investing




Rational optimist, Dad, Tech founder, Environmentalist

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Doron Segal

Doron Segal

Rational optimist, Dad, Tech founder, Environmentalist

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